Corporate Fitness with a Twist

Ross Fitness has created an unparalleled experience that engages corporate clients in healthy body healthy mind lifestyle, delivering transformative results.

Whether you're after a comprehensive employee health solution, looking to get a company team in shape, kick some fitness goals, build camaraderie or just a weekly Lunch Time Boxing class we can scale a solution for your needs.

There is a special bond we form training, pushing each other to the limit and beyond, enjoying others success and having a ball while we are doing it.

We like to think outside the square when it comes to your customised corporate fitness program:

Hip Hop, Lunch Box, Core Training, Zumba, , Stretch and de-stress, Urban Challenges, Corporate Cheerleading, Office olympics, Yoga, Cardio, Pilates and Primitive movement.

Ross Fit Park sessions are also a great way to get the team motivated. Get the whole office up and active outdoors! Our training targets all major muscle groups in functional compound movements, with a focus on core stability and perfect form to keep a strong healthy body that is injury free.

Sessions incorporate Boxing, Circuit training, Strength and Resistance, Primitive Movement, Cardio, Weight Training, Core and Flexibility. Always challenging and diverse to keep you motivated and excited, a program that moves with your own fitness progress.

Company Benefits: Increase employee health and happiness

                        Decrease stress

                       Team building

                       Decrease absenteeism

                       Build staff loyalty by investing back


Our Services: Tailored fitness programs 

                      Health checks (personal health assessments)

                      Lifestyle and wellness education


Services from our network of health providers:

                      Massage, Nutrition, Meditation and Physiotherapy