Personal Training

Get 100% out of every session

One on One training will get you to your fitness goals, faster and with reduced risk of injury. Whether it be weight loss or training for a marathon we will push you to your limit and beyond. A strong body creates a strong mind.

Training sessions include: Primitive Movement, Weight Training, Circuit, Boxing, Strength and Resistance, Cardio, Core and Flexibility, Endurance Training and Event Training.

Complimentary fitness assessment, postural evaluation and goal setting session to keep you on track and motivated. Measurements, Nutrition advice, food diary reviews, meal planning & recommendations.

$80 per hour
$70 3/4 hour
$50 1/2 hour

Buddy Training

Want to sweat it out with a mate? 
Buddy training can be a great way to see your mate every week and get fit together. 
There is something special about training with a friend pushing each other to the limit. 
Celebrate each other’s success and have a laugh while you’re training.  
So grab your bestie you’ll be motivated for all the right reasons.
$90 per hour 2 x buddy
$120 per hour 3 x buddy
$140 per hour 4 x buddy

Body Pride Transformation Program

Training each week includes:

 3 x 1hr Personal Training session
 1 x 1hour Ross Fit Park sessions
 Nutritional advice food diaries and meal planning
 Style guide and advice
 Fitness assessment and review at 3 week intervals
 Goal setting sessions to keep you focused and on track

 $2500 12 week Body Pride Transformation Program